Food Services Director

As Food Services Director, you will plan and manage all food service operations at Beaumont Scot Reservations’ Resident Scout Summer Camp. This includes daily meal service for between 300 and 700 campers, leaders, and staff. In addition to offering traditional cafeteria-style meals and family-style meals, also oversee and manage camp food distribution and provide special event food needs throughout the summer (IE., Packed lunches, meeting refreshments, etc.)

Responsibilities and Duties

– Assist in planning and executing a nutritious menu.
– Oversee and manage all food orders.
– Oversee training and management of all food service employees.
– Maintain a safe and clean kitchen that complies with the local health department and Serve Safe standards.
– Assist and instruct in food preparation duties.
– Direct and assist dishwashers when necessary.
– Maintain a clean food service building inside and out.
– Oversee all dining hall personnel and promote a positive attitude.
– Responsible for maintaining a friendly customer service attitude with campers and staff.


– Must be 21 years of age or older
– Must possess a current Serve Safe Manager Certificate or be able to obtain one before starting full employment.
– At least three years of food service management experience is desired.


– Meals in-between program
– Lodging on-site
– Paid training, including first-aid and CPR, and Safe Serve training.
– Bi-Weekly pay

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