Dining Hall Steward

Dining Hall Steward


Reports to:  Dining Hall Manager

Objectives:  Work with Kitchen Manager to ensure Dining Hall functions properly.

The Dining Hall Steward must:  Be a mature and responsible adult, at least 18 years old.  Live at Camp Tamarack for the duration of the resident camp season (approximately six weeks).

Specific Responsibilities:

●     Arrive 45 minutes before the meal is to be served.

●     Setup and prepare the salad bar area.  Make sure salad bar is stocked throughout the meal.

●     Make sure appropriate drinks are made and available for the specified meal.

●     Set out condiments as appropriate for the meal and replenish as needed.

●     Make sure napkin dispensers are full and silverware and trays are ready for use.

●     Notify Kitchen Manager if / when inventory is getting low and needs to be reordered – running out of staples is not acceptable.

●     Set out a fresh bucket of soapy water and rags before every meal for Scouts to wipe their own tables.

●     Oversee the cleanliness of the serving area and dining hall.  Sweep and clean the serving area floors and countertops between meal shifts.  Sweep and clean all floors, countertops, and unclean tabletops after every meal.  Mop serving area and dining hall at end of every day.  Deep clean the area mid-summer and at the end of the summer.

●     All other duties as assigned.

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