Aquatics Director for Camp Tamarack


Highlights include:

The roles of the camp aquatics director operating as the lead professional lifeguard, including lifeguard management and lifeguard instruction
Lead instructor for aquatics and aquatics area manager
Safe and effective supervision of all program activities in, on, and under the water
Skills and teaching of swimming, water rescue, and paddle sports
Prerequisites for Aquatics Section Enrollment
Before acceptance into the Aquatics section on the opening day of the National Camping School, an Aquatics section participant must:

Be 18 years of age or older. Note: You must be 21 to hold the position of aquatics director in a local council camp.
Present evidence of a current lifeguard certification (BSA Lifeguard, Red Cross Lifeguard, YMCA Lifeguard, Starfish Aquatics Institute StarGuard, Ellis & Associates International Lifeguard Training Program Lifeguard Certification, or equivalent).
Present evidence of completion of Safe Swim Defense and Safety Afloat training.
Upon arrival at NCS
Be able to complete the 100-yard BSA swimmer’s test.
Immediately after completion of the test, swim continuously for an additional 450 yards.
Immediately after completion of the 450-yard swim, tread water for two minutes.
Starting in the water, swim 20 yards using a front crawl or breaststroke, surface dive 7 to 10 feet, retrieve a 10-pound object, surface, swim with the object 20 yards back to the starting point and exit the water within one minute and 40 seconds.
Reports to: Program Director


Objectives: The Aquatics Director supervises the Aquatics program area. Required (must be met prior to the start of summer camp)

·         Be at least 21 years of age. Be a registered member of the Boy Scouts of America.

·         Possess a valid certificate of training from the Aqautics section of BSA National Camping School, or Council-approved equivalent.

·         Certified in American Red Cross CPR/AED, or Council-approved equivalent.

·         Certified in American Red Cross Standard First Aid, or Council-approved equivalent.

·         Familiar with MS Word and Excel and/or use of computer databases.

Specific Responsibilities:

·         Exemplify the Scout Oath and Law. Support Boy Scouts of America (BSA) policies and the Aims and Methods of Scouting.

·         Strive to provide a program that is exciting, dynamic, and appealing to today’s youth; that meets the needs of the youth and the units attending camp; and that is fun and safe.

·         Attend monthly pre-camp planning sessions.

·         Assist Program Director in hiring area staff.

·         In conjunction with Program Director, perform staff evaluations, coaching and counseling.

·         Enforce correct staff uniform and appearance standards.

·         Assist Program Director in staff training.

·         Attend pre-camp staff training weekend.

·         Obtain all personal training required.

·         Abide by the rules set forth in the most current “Camp Staff Guide”.

·         Supervise and coordinate operation of program. Familiar with requirements of all merit badges, belt loops, pins, awards, activities, or recognitions offered in program. Directly instruct participants and/or supervise staff instructors.

·         Maintain a clean, safe, and efficient program area. Adhere to any required BSA or other area-specific safety standards. Specifically, adhere to National Camp Standards referencing Aquatics Programs. When leaving camp property, adhere to Leave No Trace ethics.

·         Track and maintain scout merit badge (or other recognition) information using computerized (and paper backup) record-keeping practices. Input individual scout merit badge (or other recognition) information into database (daily or weekly). Ensure that weekly merit badge (or other recognition) information is provided to the Program Director.

·         Ensure control and security of equipment and program materials. Ensure equipment is maintained properly. Maintain current and accurate inventories of program materials, supplies and equipment. Coordinate ordering of necessary supplies and materials with Program Director. Create and/or maintain a maintenance and replacement schedule for all major equipment.

·         Support and participate in camp wide programs, as required.

·         Other duties as assigned by Program Director or Camp Director.


Daily Operations

·         Make sure each program is presented on time with all materials on hand, ready to go.

·         Develop and maintain a program that imparts useful knowledge, that supports the aims and objectives of the Boy Scouts of America, and that is fun, challenging, and safe.

·         Impress upon all participants that they are only learning some of the basics, and should never attempt activities without experienced, trained supervision and proper safety equipment.

·         Strive to be sure that there are plenty of interesting program activities so that campers do not have to stand around waiting.

·         See that the program area is always clean and efficient.

·         Inspect program materials frequently and keep your Camp Director informed of any supplies needed.

·         Ensure a safe and adventurous experience, while fulfilling the requirements of the Merit Badge.



·         Update the Camp Tamarack Program Area Standard Operating Procedures to reflect current program usage and lessons learned.

·         Ensure all equipment is inventoried and stored properly.

·         Ensure the Gear Records and Maintenance Logs area up to date.

·         Write suggested changes, updates, opportunities, and program adjustments for the upcoming year.

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