Camp Program Director


  • Be at least 21-years old, preferably 25-years old or older.
  • Possess and use the ability to get along with others, to delegate and coordinate, and be knowledgeable of all aspects of camp programming.
  • Hold a current training certificate from the BSA National Camping School as a Resident Camp Program Director (Council will send a new applicant to National Camping School if necessary).
  • Previous Scouts BSA or youth camp management and leadership experience is required.
  • Be currently-registered with a local Council of the Boy Scouts of America, or be willing to become a registered Camp Staff member of the Marin Council, BSA.


  • Report directly to the Resident Camp Director and Council professional staff advisor.
  • Supervise all Program Area Directors and their staff.
  • As an integral part of the Camp’s “Key 4” leadership, set high standards for customer service excellence, and implement processes to achieve and recognize positive examples.
  • By setting the example, present high standards of BSA uniforming for all Camp Staff to follow, and review to support this Method of Scouting.
  • Prepare to supervise Camp program and operations in the absence of the camp director, if asked.
  • Must live on-site and hold no other jobs or responsibilities for the duration of the season.

Position Description:

  • Direct the overall program for a Summer Resident Camp.
    • Plan the camp program in advance of camp opening.
    • Endeavor to maintain the positive Camp traditions that make Marin-Sierra unique.
    • Evaluate effectiveness of the program to make running improvements during the camp season.
    • Working with the Resident Camp Director, keep operational program expenses within budget and within the guidelines and procedures of the Council’s camping operations.
    • Supervise and plan “on-th-fly” programs during meals and twice-weekly campfires.
    • Supervise and plan camp-wide activities.
    • Handle or participate in certain activities, and drop-in frequently on other programs, to be certain of the quality of staff leadership.
    • Provide a basis for improving next year’s program through a written report to the Camp Director at the end of the season with recommendations.
    • Submit an inventory of all program equipment at the end of camp to include condition and usability for following year.
  • Direct the entire Program Staff.
    • Understand all positions and their associated tasks in camp.
    • Work with the Resident Camp Director and Council professional staff advisor during the interview and hiring process.
    • With the Resident Camp Director, conduct and evaluate training sessions for all staff members.
    • Conduct or participate in all Camp staff and leader meetings with the Resident Camp Director.
    • With the Resident Camp Director, schedule on/off duty time for all program staff, including evenings and weekends.
    • Develop daily staff assignment sheets covering specific activities, facilities, and maintenance or janitorial tasks to be performed by staff members in rotating teams.
    • Measure the personal aptitude and effectiveness of members of the program staff periodically during the season, and complete formal evaluations of all Program Area Directors.
    • Manage program staff through Area Directors and meet with the program staff when additionally needed.
    • Oversee the daily maintenance of camper advancement records. Prepare weekly advancement reports on achievements by campers during each session. One copy is provided to the troop leaders and another to the Council.
  • Support and guide the Camp Commissioner in helping leaders plan and carry out successful troop programs.
  • Carry out other duties and responsibilities as assigned by the Resident Camp Director.
  • By upholding the Scout Oath & Law, and the Aims & Methods of Scouting, be a positive example to all others in dress, speech, and actions.

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