Kitchen/Commissary Asst Manager


  • Be at least 18-years of age; preferably 21 years or older with a mature, responsible nature.
  • Previous food service experience necessary, especially in large-group feeding for 50-350 people.
  • Professional ability to work with a kitchen/commissary staff of 5-8 people required.
  • Have a current State of California restaurant certification such as ServSafe Food Protection Handler.
  • Have a comprehensive knowledge of quality, healthy food preparation, as well as an ability to accommodate various food allergies and special dietary needs.
  • Have working knowledge of food quantities and preparation supplies; storage needs and utilization; general kitchen, serving line and jamboree-style operations; and the overall health and cleanliness of the kitchen and storage areas.
  • Must have team coaching and customer-service skills, be able to manage and work with the Camp Staff and Camper customers who are both youth and adults, and be a team player as an assistant leader of the greater Commissary operation.
  • Be currently-registered with a local Council of the Boy Scouts of America, or be willing to become a registered Camp Staff member of the Marin Council, BSA.


  • Reports directly to the Food Services Manager, and indirectly to the Resident Camp Director.
  • Assist the Food Services/Commissary Manager with the inventory control of all kitchen material, equipment, and food supplies; the preparation, serving or distribution of all meals through main dining and jamboree-style service to the camp staff and campers; and the cleanliness, health and safety of all kitchen areas inside and outside the commissary by the kitchen staff team members.
  • Must live on-site and hold no other jobs or responsibilities for the duration of the season.

Position Description:

  • Assist the Food Services/Commissary Manager in providing daily nutritious meals for campers and staff including a focus on special dietary needs.
  • Supervise and coach assigned kitchen/commissary staff.
  • Ensure delivery of jamboree-style food to the required campsites is made accurately and on time.
  • Work with the commissioner staff to be sure that jamboree-style patrols are receiving the proper portions at each meal and adjust if necessary.
  • Record all equipment checked out of the kitchen by each troop is returned in a clean and reusable condition and then stored properly for reissue.
  • Support the Cooking Merit Badge Counselor at the outdoor cooking facility near the Commissary to ensure sufficient food supplies and equipment to offer a successful weekly program.
  • Help to ensure that staff who are remaining in camp on the weekend (Saturday lunch and dinner; Sunday breakfast) have plenty of food available.
  • Maintain a high degree of cleanliness in all areas of responsibility and personal cleanliness among the entire kitchen/commissary staff.
  • Perform other duties and responsibilities as assigned by the Food Services/Commissary Manager.
  • By upholding the Scout Oath & Law, and the Aims & Methods of Scouting, be a positive example to all others in dress, speech, and actions.

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