Philmont Scout Ranch Backcountry Program/Warehouse Department Positions

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Assistant Camp Director*
Backcountry Assistant Cook*
Backcountry Cook*
Backcountry Manager*
Backcountry Manager – Distribution & Support Manager*
Backcountry Warehouse Assistant Manager*
Backcountry Warehouse Clerk*
Backcountry Warehouse Manager*
Backcountry Warehouse Specialist – Firearms*
Backcountry Warehouse Specialist – Wardrobe*
Camp Director*
Program Counselor*Archery/Indian Ethnology*
Challenge Events*
Commissary Service Camp*
Hunting Lodge*
Mountain Biking*
Mountain Living*
Rock Climbing*
Search & Rescue/Wilderness Medicine*
Shooting Sports*
Western Lore*
Rock Foreman*
Roving Prospector*
Roving Prospector Lead*
Shooting Sports Manager*
Volunteer Interpreter*
Volunteer Geologist*

Backcountry Manager:

Philmont Standards:
• Must be at least 18 years of age by start of employment (21+ requirement, if applicable, will be noted below)
• Must become a registered member of the Boy Scouts of America at the start of employment and subscribe to
the Scout Oath, Scout Law, and Declaration of Religious Principles
• Must provide a complete and current BSA Annual Health and Medical Record to the Infirmary upon arrival
including review of risk advisory and immunization requirements
• Must maintain a clean, well-groomed appearance and be willing to purchase required uniform parts to meet
Philmont’s uniform policy
• Must participate in designated staff training
• Must adhere to the policies and programs set forth by Philmont Scout Ranch management

Position Overview:
The Backcountry Manager ensures efficient backcountry operations, excellent program delivery, and safety of
assigned backcountry camps and gives leadership to the respective Camp Directors.

Primary Duties & Responsibilities:
• Give leadership to the assigned Camp Directors to ensure their excellent performance in camp operations
and provides coaching on Scouting Ideals, Aims and Methods.
• Assist in the training of Camp Directors and other backcountry staff.
• Ensure that all programs described in the Guidebook to Adventure are offered and that all health, safety, and
program standards are being met throughout the backcountry.
• Effectively coach Camp Directors in the positive aspects of people management and staff morale.
• Coach and mentor Camp Directors on effective methods of asset management, including human resources,
program materials, facility assets, and commissary supplies.
• Review the camp Health Logs, First Aid Kits and PHILSAR Plans with Camp Director.
• Regularly visit report camps to assist Camp Directors in evaluating their programs and ensure implementation
of high quality backcountry programs and program delivery.
• Screen and channel backcountry maintenance needs to an Associate Director of Program.
• Ensure camps are completing all appropriate program and safety logs and that all forms and paperwork are
timely in their return to the BCW or appropriate location.
• Screen all channel camp material requests to the Backcountry Warehouse.

• Serve as a liaison between the backcountry and other Philmont departments.
• Transport people, equipment and supplies to and from the backcountry.
• Assist with PHILSAR orientation and missions, when called upon.
• Complete other duties as assigned by direct supervisor or ranch management as required.

Desired Qualifications & Experience:
• Must be 21 years of age by time of employment
• Must be able to secure a Philmont driving permit
• Previous Philmont leadership experience preferred
• Ability to function well in a high-paced and at times stressful environment

Physical Requirements & Work Environment:
• Be able to lift and handle materials up to 70 pounds throughout the scheduled workday
• Up to 90% of the workday could be spent driving, walking, bending, stooping, kneeling, or crouching
• Be capable and willing to work in all types of weather conditions at various locations

Backcountry Camp Director:

Position Overview:
The Camp Director manages the operation of the camp and maintains a constant concern for the health, safety,
welfare, and enjoyment of the campers who visit the camp. The director monitors the camp program and service to see that every participant enjoys a quality experience. Salary level ranges from Level III to Level V, depending on camp.

Primary Duties & Responsibilities:
• Responsible for managing the valuable resources allotted to the camp, including Human Resources, Facilities,
Food & Commissary Supplies, and Program Equipment.
• Be thoroughly familiar with Scouting aims and ideals, operate your camp in a manner that teaches and
reinforces these ideals.
• Provide initial and continuous on-the-job training for all staff assigned to the camp so that each member can
do any of the jobs required.
• Serve as a coach and counselor to each member of the camp staff so they effectively serve as a member of a
successful team.
• Provide a thorough and fair evaluation of each staff member in the form of performance evaluations (midseason and final), and the Final Seasonal Staff Recommendations.
• With the staff, review Philmont policies and procedures, interdepartmental interactions, and other needs
that pertain to the camp’s Area of Responsibility (AOR).
• Provide a safe and fulfilling program according to the Itinerary Guidebook and Guidebook to Adventure.

• Customer service is a top priority for all participant interactions.
• Maintain a close relationship with the Backcountry Managers to ensure all needs for the camp operation are
fulfilled in a timely manner.
• Maintain and properly use the radio, program equipment and all other facilities and supplies.
• Give proper attention to environmental/health issues including staff cabins, program cabins, showers,
latrines, sumps, kitchen and living areas, trash disposal, campsites, water, and natural features.
• Assist with camp chores – cooking, cleaning shared staff spaces, cleaning showers and latrines, checking in
crews, checking trails and trail camps.
• Collaborate with liaison Ranger Trainer to build comradery and an interconnected camp staff.
• Prudently handle medical situations and risk management according to established procedures and your best
• Using the assigned format, write a thorough end of season Camp Director Report that encompasses the
operation of the camp for the season and makes recommendations for improvements for the next. This
report is due prior to the last working day.
• Responsible for ensuring all reports, program logs, inventories, and other associated paperwork for the camp
are submitted in a timely manner.
• Be familiar with the current uniform or interpretive clothing requirements for your camp and enforce these
• Complete other duties as assigned by direct supervisor or ranch management as required.


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