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Associate Chief of Medical Services*
Chief Medical Student*
Infirmary Manager*
Infirmary Physician (Volunteer)
Infirmary Researcher
Infirmary Tent City Manager*
Infirmary Tent City Staff*
Infirmary Training Specialist
Medical Recheck Coordinator*
Medical Recheck Staff*
Medical Secretary
Medical Secretary Lead
Medical Services Coordinator*
Medical Services Staff*
Medical Student*
Nurse Supervisor
Certified Nursing Assistant
PTC Medical Staff

Position: Medical Services Staff

Philmont Standards:
• Must be at least 18 years of age by start of employment (21+ requirement, if applicable, will be noted below)
• Must become a registered member of the Boy Scouts of America at the start of employment and subscribe to
the Scout Oath, Scout Law, and Declaration of Religious Principles
• Must provide a complete and current BSA Annual Health and Medical Record to the Infirmary upon arrival
including review of risk advisory and immunization requirements
• Must maintain a clean, well-groomed appearance and be willing to purchase required uniform parts to meet
Philmont’s uniform policy
• Must participate in designated staff training
• Must adhere to the policies and programs set forth by Philmont Scout Ranch management

Position Overview:
Members of the Medical Services Staff are responsible to the Medical Services Coordinators and the Associate Chief of Medical Services. The Medical Services Staff operates the Infirmary radio room, respond to emergency medical calls, and, if necessary, provide transportation for patients from the backcountry to the Infirmary and/or referral treatment in nearby hospitals.

Primary Duties & Responsibilities:
• Attend daily staff meeting when on duty and ensure that appropriate handoff of information is shared before
the end of your shift.
• Follow established procedures for reporting maintenance needs and supply shortages.
• Assist in the preparation and stocking of the first aid kits at the start of the season and maintenance
throughout the summer season.
• Serve as a Philmont First Aid Instructor. Maintain expert-level knowledge of the Philmont First Aid
• Achieve an understanding and attitude among the Infirmary staff as to the responsibility Philmont has to the
individuals who cannot complete some segment (large or small) of their planned experiences.
• Assist with medical rechecks and Infirmary tent city as needed to ensure efficient operations of those
departments. Assist with after-hours and high-volume clinic operations as requested.
• Know the capabilities and notification procedures for local emergency resources.
• Demonstrate safe operating procedures for Infirmary vehicles. Obey all traffic laws and Philmont driving
• Perform daily Infirmary vehicles service checks. Keep vehicles in a clean and serviced condition, ready for use
at all times.
• Perform daily Infirmary gear checks. Keep ALS and BLS bags in an organized and fullystocked condition, ready
for use at any time. Maintain knowledge of all rescue equipment (indications, contraindications, proper use,
• Through training, establish knowledge of backcountry camp locations and become familiar with the Philmont
road and trail network.
• Operate the Infirmary radio room. Follow all radio and phone procedures, track radio calls and locations of
medical teams and patients, and ensure the proper handling and documentation of all paperwork.
• Participate in training and demonstrate competency regarding Search and Rescue operations at Philmont.
Attend training with the Ranger and Logistics department and understand the roles of all members of the
SAR team.
• With a KU medical student, respond to backcountry medical emergencies. Provide medical support and safe,
rapid transportation of patients from the backcountry to definitive medical care.
• Provide transportation to non-urgent patients to and from the backcountry as needed.
• Provide informative and interactive tours to PTC groups and Infirmary visitors as requested.
• Achieve all basic Medical Services Staff qualification requirements, as outlined in the Infirmary qualifications
• Keep the Infirmary work area and personal quarters clean and neat.
• Provide transportation to offsite medical facilities when special needs arrive. This may include trips up to 500
miles and require staying in healthcare facilities overnight.
• Assist with other staff responsibilities as directed by Infirmary Management to insure that the mission of the
Philmont Scout Ranch is carried out.
• Make suggestions to Infirmary Management of ways to improve the operation.
• Complete other duties as assigned by direct supervisor or ranch management as required

Desired Qualifications & Experience:
• Must be 21 years of age by time of employment.
• Provide a driving record and be able to obtain a Philmont drivers permit.
• Experience in emergency response and wilderness medicine, such as EMT-Basic, First Responder, or
Wilderness First Responder is preferred for Medical Services Staff is highly recommended
• Previous experience on Philmont staff or on a Philmont trek is strongly preferred.
• Additional experience working in EMS, Search and Rescue, or Ski Patrol is also beneficial.
• Ability to prioritize tasks and ask for help when needed.
• Ability to fuction well in a high-pace and at times stressful environment.
• Possess an EMT license or other advanced medical training.
• Complete FEMA Introduction to Incident Command System, ICS 100.
• Complete FEMA Introduction to Incident Command System for Single Resources and Initial Action Incidents, ICS 200.
• Participate in the New Mexico Search and Rescue Field Certification training session.
• Must be Certified Food Handler. You will be given a code to cover the cost of the class once you’ve been
hired. Click on the link to begin the training.

Physical Requirements & Work Environment:
• Be able to lift and handle materials up to 70 pounds throughout the scheduled workday
• Be able to hike to remote patients and administer care in a wilderness setting.
• Be able to work in strenuous environments including workdays in excess of 24 hours and in rough terrain and in adverse weather conditions
• Up to 90% of the workday could be spent standing, walking, bending, stooping, kneeling, or crouching

Additional Information:
Training opportunities are as follows: Medical Services Staff will complete 21 days of specialized infirmary training on the specific policies and procedures of the Philmont Infirmary, search and rescue, and medical skills. Medical services staff may also have the opportunity to receive training in Health Care Provider CPR, Emergency Vehicle Operations and New Mexico Search and Rescue field certification. Additional training opportunities may become available throughout the summer such as ride alongs with local EMS, medical lectures and continuing medical education credits may be obtained.

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