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Position: Wrangler

Philmont Standards:
• Must be at least 18 years of age by start of employment (21+ requirement, if applicable, will be noted below)
• Must become a registered member of the Boy Scouts of America at the start of employment and subscribe to
the Scout Oath, Scout Law, and Declaration of Religious Principles
• Must provide a complete and current BSA Annual Health and Medical Record to the Infirmary upon arrival
including review of risk advisory and immunization requirements
• Must maintain a clean, well-groomed appearance and be willing to purchase required uniform parts to meet
Philmont’s uniform policy
• Must participate in designated staff training
• Must adhere to the policies and programs set forth by Philmont Scout Ranch management

Position Overview:
The Wrangler is responsible to the Horseman for the success of the horse program, and for caring of the horse string, equipment, facilities and the horseback ride of your assigned camp or cavalcade.

Primary Duties & Responsibilities:
• Be able to mount, saddle, and ride horseback unassisted.
• Be able to meet the requirements for riding horses as indicated in the Guidebook to Adventure under Horse
• Work closely with the Horseman and/or Camp Director to become familiar with the horseback ride program
procedures and policies and camp operations.
• Help prepare equipment and horses for the summer program.
• Be prepared to begin operating the horseback ride program by the date the first campers arrive.
• Learn all facets of the horse ride program.
• Be familiar with and follow the procedures and policies in the Horse Department Manual
• Be part of the Camp team to which you are assigned by willingly and cheerfully assist with the entire camp
• Be part of the Philmont team by cooperating with other staff and directors to offer an outstanding
experience to everyone who comes to Philmont, and by willingly and cheerfully perform tasks beyond the
immediate scope of the horseback ride program when requested by the Camp Director or Horseman.
• Cooperate and work with the Horseman and fellow Wranglers and others assigned to the horse program to
provide a smooth working system for the program.
• Maintain a clean, neat and efficient working area and living quarters.
• Cooperate fully with the Horseman for the successful operation of the horse string assigned to your camp or
cavalcade and follow instructions implicitly in all things pertaining to horses, burros, equipment and facilities.
• Provide excellent customer service at all times.
• Make certain that all livestock assigned to you are properly cared for and that before any animal is used, it is
in good condition and fit to be on the trail. See that proper care is taken of saddles, equipment and facilities
assigned to you and that necessary repairs are made immediately.
• Make certain that all periods of instruction and all rides are conducted and organized and on time; that
proper step for safety of riders and mounts are followed carefully.
• Keep the Horseman and Camp Director informed of your whereabouts at all times, leaving camp only with
permission and returning at agreed times.
• Philmont will furnish chaps, saddle and shoeing tools to each Wrangler. There will be charged out to each
individual and must be returned or paid for at the close of the season.
• Complete other duties as assigned by direct supervisor or ranch management as required

Desired Qualifications & Experience:
• Must be 18 years of age by time of employment
• Be able to secure, and maintain a Philmont driving permit
• Ability to prioritize tasks and ask for help when needed
• Ability to function well with minimal supervision
• Be able to shoe horses or willing to learn. See that all horses are kept properly shod.

Physical Requirements & Work Environment:
• Must meet the BSA height/weight requirements
• Be able to lift and handle materials up to 70 pounds throughout the scheduled workday
• Up to 90% of the workday could be spent standing, walking, riding, bending, stooping, kneeling, or crouching
• Be capable and willing to work in all types of weather conditions at various locations

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