Camp Health Officer

Responsibilities of the Camp Health Officer
The Camp Health Officer is responsible to the Camp Director for working to maintain the overall health and safety of the staff, campers, and leaders in the Camp. The Health Officer must possess a strong background in emergency care. The Health Officer should also understand or be willing to learn the basic procedures to be followed within the program and service areas of the Camp regarding the protection of the health and safety of those in Camp.

The Health Officer:
1. Be a minimum of 21 years old.
2. Be a current member of or be willing to obtain a registration in the Boy Scouts of America.
3. Possess valid credentials in the area of emergency care from a nationally recognized certifying body.
These credentials must be the minimum specified by the current National Standards for Boy Scout/Cub
Scout Resident Camps. The minimum preferred in the Theodore Roosevelt Council is certification as an
Registered Nurse (RN) or Physician Assistant (PA).

The Health Officer is further responsible for:
1. Providing emergency and non-emergency medical care to Scouts, leaders, and Staff.
2. Maintaining the Camp health lodge in a clean and orderly manner.
3. Maintaining a stock of first aid supplies in program and service areas.
4. Keeping detailed and accurate records of all medical care provided in Camp through the Camp health
5. Maintaining adequate infirmary space in the health lodge for sick or injured persons.
6. Forwarding patients to the local clinic or emergency room as needed.
7. Assisting the Camp Director in regular health and safety assessments of the Camp.
8. Reviewing the records of all medical care provided through the Camp health lodge with the Camp
Director each week.
9. Reviewing accepted first aid procedures and safety protocols (including COVID-specific protocols) with staff members during Staff Week.
10. Keeping physical forms for Scouts, Leaders, and Staff members on file in the Camp Health Lodge in an orderly manner.
11. Performing a medical recheck/COVID guidelines of Scouts, leaders, and Staff members as they arrive in Camp and informing appropriate Staff members of limitations of specific campers as necessary.
12. Keeping adequate inventory records of medical supplies and equipment so that the Camp Health
Lodge is adequately stocked.
13. Reporting the need for additional medical supplies and equipment to the Reservation/Camp Director as the need arises.
14. Submitting a report on the operation of the Camp health lodge/health procedures to the Camp Director at the end of the season.
15. Abiding by the Camp rules outlined in the Staff Guide / Code of Conduct.

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