Handicraft Director

The Handicraft Director is responsible to the Program Director for the effective instruction of specialized craft skills and of any merit badges assigned by the Program Director. The Handicraft Director must possess organizational and managerial skills, creativity and originality, and a desire to work with the youth of Scouts BSA age.

  • Setting up an area to which Scouts and Leaders may come for instruction in the following skills and their related merit badges:
  • Training and supervising the work of the Handicraft Staff.
  • Helping the Business Manager keep track of handicraft inventories in the Trading Post. When supplies of various craft items are running low in relation to expected need, the Director should bring this to the Business Managers attention.
  • Making available and encouraging troops, patrols, and older Scouts to participate in special activities at the Handicraft area.
  • Helping unit leaders to become aware of the Handicraft program possibilities available both in and out of Camp.
  • Maintaining up-to-date and accurate inventories of all equipment used in the Handicraft program
  • Ensuring the counselors-in-training assigned to the Handicraft area receive meaningful and relevant experiences.
  • Turning in records of merit badge participation and badge completion to the Program Director.
  • Assisting in the general Camp program in anyway possible, and completing any assignments given by the Program Director or the Camp Director.
  • Working to maintain the morale of other Staff members assigned to the Handicraft area.
  • Writing a report on the Handicraft Program, and turning it in to the Program Director before leaving Camp. This report should document the extent of use of the program and suggestions for improvements.
  • All other Duties Assigned

To apply for this job please visit campbudschiele.org.

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