Dining Hall Steward

The Dining Hall Steward position functions as food service floor manager in the large hall where our guests and staff eat. At Ransburg there are 6 serving periods each day, each one for a mix of 400-500 campers and staff. Campers are responsible for much of the actual cleaning and serving that happens around their tables but because of their age and inexperience, need guidance on how to do that efficiently. Dining Hall Stewards provide this guidance and cleaning supplies for our guests. Additionally, stewards make sure that commonly accessed items like drink machines and the plate/cup/silverware racks are stocked and accessible when needed. Stewarts are not responsible for food preparation, however close communication with the kitchen staff is necessary to make the meal happen.
The first week of employment is dedicated exclusively to staff training to get you comfortable and ready to go for the summer. Time off is very flexible and available upon request. Room and board is provided for the duration of employment.

Training, housing, and meals are provided.

To apply for this job please visit www.jotform.com.

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