Service Coordinator

The Service coordinator will be responsible for the planning, execution, and tracking of all Service in camp. The Service coordinator will be responsible for assigning projects to Minisino candidates, Conservation merit badges, Troops, etc. We fully expect that the Service coordinator will effectively manage the resources used for projects, from materials, to leaders, to scouts.

Our Service program continues to evolve. We fully expect all projects to be something a Scout can come back and show to his kids. We want youth to be able to feel a bit of ownership of ‘their’ camp. We strongly feel that Service of a useful nature will help youth to feel this way.

Service tracking is done using Google Docs. The Service project list is yours to manage, though many tasks are already plugged into it. The goal is to have all the Service in camp planned out before the season starts. In accordance with this goal, we’re developing basic plans to get underway already. Some of these will require fluidity; we can’t foresee the best way to do everything. You will be expected to give feedback about better ways to complete these tasks.

Teaching will be an integral part of your job this summer. We’re looking at having the Service coordinator come in as a guest speaker before shovel ever touches earth in all of the conservation based merit badges. You’ll talk about how we plan to keep our camp a healthy natural environment, how this merit badge will be helping, and teaching some general conservation skills. We find this to be especially exciting for the Ecology merit badges, though Engineering and others will likely be using you as a resource.

Finally, keep in mind that you won’t be personally running every Service project. You will be an organizer, a planner, a creative genius, and a project manager. There will be projects that you will solely supervise, others that you oversee specific parts of at another person’s direction (see: Minisino projects), and some that you only give directions for. Should be an exciting summer!

Training, housing, and meals are provided.

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