Cooks at Yawgoog Scout Reservation play a vital role in our program, as making sure that scouts are well feed allows them to actively participate in all of our activities. Working with the kitchen manager, cooks are responsible for food preparation and direction for all meals served at camp. Alongside the kitchen manager, cooks help direct the kitchen staff in preparing food for upcoming meals. Cooks must also work with the food service director and warehouse staff to ensure that all ingredients and supplies are present in their kitchen.


Cooks at Yawgoog also pride themselves on being able to provide food for all participants, despite any dietary restrictions. Each cook is informed ahead of time of the allergies or restrictions for the week and meet those participants face-to-face on the first full day of camp. From there, requests can be submitted to the warehouse for whatever ingredients are needed to ensure all scouts and scouters are properly fed.


As one of the heads of the kitchen, cooks are expected to set an example for the rest of their staff as it comes to work ethic. With hundreds of people to be fed each meal, efficiency and hard work are necessities to providing our high-quality dining experience. As a result of the cook setting this standard, the kitchen grows into a strong team over the course of the summer.


Essential Functions
1. Provide an effective leadership presence and example to the Scouts, leaders, and your fellow staff.
2. Be able to communicate effectively with the Council and Camp Staff.
3. Communicate effectively with your staff regarding performance of their job.
4. Be able to prepare a meal, including lifting a 40lb pot of water, bread palettes, a milk crate with 9 1/2 gal. containers therein, etc. 5. Use proper safety in use of ovens, stoves, griddles, and kitchen equipment such as the hot water supply and dishwasher

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