Waterfront Counselor

Waterfront Counselor

Waterfront counselors are a vital part of our summer camp operations. Not only do they serve as lifeguards during free swim times, but our counselors also provide excellent instruction and help teach scouts how to swim and participate in other water-based activities. This role is a great step for those who are passionate about swimming, physical fitness, or any level of education.

Our waterfront counselors instruct a variety of merit badges including, but not limited, to swimming, lifesaving, rowing, and canoeing. Counselors in this department work with a wide range of ages and skill levels, from Webelos who may be learning to swim to 17-year-olds who are lifeguards themselves. To prepare for these responsibilities, staff undergo intensive training during staff week as well as conditioning over the course of the summer to prepare for the State of RI Lifeguard Test.

Essential Functions

1.     Be able to swim with the sufficient ability as to pass the State of RI Lifeguard Test and perform rescues

2.     Be able to visually survey the waterfront during buddy-ups and LBDs (Lost Bather Drill)

3.     Be able to visually survey the pond (with vision aids if necessary) for overturned or in-trouble watercraft

4.     Provide a solid scouting-related leadership presence and example

5.     Be able to respond to audible emergency signals

Job Description

1.     Responsible for taking all steps necessary for the setup, safety, and operation of the waterfront as designated by the Waterfront Director

2.     Responsible for meeting or exceeding all of the policies, procedures, and standards as outlined in the Yawgoog Staff Guide

3.     Must maintain proficiency in aquatics as to be able to instruct and supervise a variety of activities that include canoeing, rowing, and swimming.

4.     Enforce the policies of the BSA including all waterfront regulations

As with all other staff at Yawgoog, w staff have the same access to a variety of benefits that enhance the job experience. This includes scholarship opportunities, with the top prizes being $2,500. Staff at Yawgoog also have the chance to go on nights out and participate in fun staff activities.

To apply for this job email your details to jonathan.diluglio@scouting.org

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