Medical Officer

Certifications or Experience Requirement: Licensed physician, Licensed nurse practitioner, Nurse (RN, LPN, or LVN), Licensed physician
assistant, Paramedic, Emergency medical technician (basic, intermediate, or paramedic), Emergency medical responder.
Core Responsibilities:
• Stay onsite when on duty.
• Ensure that the Base staff is adequately trained in first aid/ CPR
• Perform medical re-checks when participants arrive.
• Ensure that everyone in camp has an up-to-date medical form on file.
• Maintain first aid logs.
• Assist with submitting incident reports.
• Perform first-aid for participants and staff.
• Be Incident Command when a serious injury occurs on premises.
• Work with Base Director to ensure health supplies and equipment is well stocked and in proper working order.
• Oversee a health team to administer first – aid over the Base.
• Inform the Base Director of any potential health hazards in camp.
• Any other duties assigned by the Base Director.

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